ASIR Elevators

If you’re looking to buy Elevators in Pakistan, Power Zone is the right place. We have the top-notch ASIR Elevators for sale which are best for your office buildings, residential apartments, and shopping malls. Asir Elevator was founded in 1997 in Konya, Central Turkey. As a reputed producer in elevator cabin production, the company achieved an important place and reputation by supplying complete elevator systems in Turkey. Having more than 35 customizable residential and commercial elevator designs, Asir Elevators is at the pinnacle of its industry. Right now they have a large family of satisfied and loyal customers around the globe. PowerZone Engineering & Services is proud to have introduced Asir elevators in Pakistan acting as their official distributor in the country. The elevators offered by Asir are finely designed and have fancy looks such as laser cuttings, full-view mirrors, bright LED lights, and many other mentionable components. The performance, build quality, and mechanical works done on ASIR elevators are also up to the mark. To download the brochure for ASIR Elevators, click the download link. There is plenty of choice as Power Zone offers a rich array of ASIR Elevators that you can find in the broacher. These elevators are versatile in terms of size, design, shape, interior, and speed. All of these either have the option of a geared or gearless motor depending upon the size and engineering of the elevator. Complete details about elevators’ interior, exterior, motors, cables, plugs, and other components are provided here for customers’ continence. Feel free to select one that perfectly matches your residential or commercial building needs. Our technical team also provides routine maintenance and special repairs for ASIR Elevators at different places across Pakistan; which means that customers only need to pick the right elevator for them and PowerZone will take care of the rest. 



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  1. Full size mirror. 
  2. Laser cut Ceiling PVC Floor.
  3.  Aluminum hands rails.
  4. Pictorial laminated glass furnishing.
  5. Chrome Stainless accessories.
  1. Half size decorative mirror.
  2. Aluminum LED Lightning Ceiling.
  3. Water jet processed granite floor.
  4. Copper stainless accessories.
  5. Black stainless decorative furnishing.

Surface Mount Stainless Floor Panels.