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We have been recognized in the Pakistani Industry since 2 decades. Having installed more than 500 gensets in various industries ranging from 100kVA to 2MW, Power Zone is undoubtedly at its prime in providing energy solutions in Pakistan. We have covered industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, paint & cement to sports, beverages & clothing.


Oil & Gas:

Power Zone Engineering & Services has proudly been in the limelight for the Oil & Gas sector of Pakistan. Having installed up to 2MW in various projects, Power Zone Engineering & Services has provided exceptional installation and after-sales support to its clients from the sector.


Power Zone Engineering & Services has been the pioneer in providing services to the Telecommunications sector. Having telecommunication giants in its clientele, Power Zone is undoubtedly the best at what it does and our clients act as our pride.



The team of Power Zone Engineering & Services has worked tirelessly to capture a significant share of the Banking Sector of Pakistan. With unmatched efforts, Power Zone has successfully installed several generator sets ranging from 13kVA to 1250kVA in various commercial banks in Pakistan.


Power Zone Engineering & Services has executed several hospitality power generation projects across all the cities of Pakistan. Our expertise in the hospitality sector is unlike any other as we promise a highly reliable after-sales service. Power Zone has initialized generator sets ranging from 100kVA to 1MW in hotels across Pakistan.

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Just like every other sector and industry, Power Zone Engineering & Services has undoubtedly excelled in providing its unmatched services to the Hospital Sector of Pakistan. The company has successfully installed over 100 generator sets ranging from 200kVA to 2MW in different hospitals across Pakistan.


Power Zone Engineering & Services has successfully installed several generator sets in residential projects around Pakistan. From celebrities to politicians and doctors to engineers’ houses, we’ve done it all! Try out our Load Calculator to see which generator sets meet your house’s requirements optimally. We offer generator sets ranging from 10kVA to 100kVA for residential projects.