Bladon Turbine: Pioneering Sustainable Power Solutions


Bladon’s Innovative Microturbine Generator Sets Transforming Telecom Infrastructure in Pakistan

Bladon is the world’s first manufacturer of microturbine generator sets in Pakistan for the telecom market. The company has developed revolutionary patented micro turbine, heat exchanger and air-bearing technologies to deliver cost-effective reliable, and clean power for off-grid and bad-grid telecom sites. These generator sets are lightweight, small in size, and have turbines spinning at high speed on the shaft accompanied by an alternator and for high efficiency fpt generators are highly recommended. Bladon turbines are powered by Kerosene or Diesel, or a blend of both, hence reducing the chances of theft. The expert engineering of Bladon micro turbine generator sets also makes them maintenance-free.

Bladon Jet

Bladon Jet’s micro gas turbines are more than just power generators; they represent a reliable and sustainable energy solutions. As industries worldwide seek innovative ways to meet their energy needs, Bladon Jet stands tall, providing a blueprint for the future of micro gas turbines. Embrace the power of Bladon Jet and unlock a new era of efficiency in energy generation.As the world strives for sustainable energy solutions, Bladon Jet stands at the forefront, offering eco-friendly alternatives for various applications.

Introducing Bladon Micro Turbines – A Revolutionary Solution for Uninterrupted Power Supply 

Power Zone Engineering and Services is proud to have introduced Bladon Micro Turbine in Pakistan, being its sole distributor. Since Pakistan is new to the term Microturbine Generator Sets, Power Zone has been working tirelessly to effectively introduce these generator sets. Our research and development team alongside the marketing department is continuously struggling to spread awareness of this product in the local market and to get the ultimate users know about its usefulness. Bladon Turbine not only works at low or bad grid telecom coverage areas but they are also a great source of power backup.

At Power Zone Engineering and Services, we are not just distributors; we are advocates for a sustainable and efficient future. Join us in embracing the power of innovation as we pave the way for a brighter and more energy-efficient Pakistan.

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We ensure a considerable saving to the customer by the end of the day by offering fuel efficient and low price generators in Pakistan along with maintenance facility and after sale services.

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