Guascor Energy is a well-known name in the global market. Power Zone partnered with Guascor Energy as their exclusive distributor in Pakistan in 2022.

Guascor Energy Gas Engines are generating a lot of excitement for their innovative design and combustion technologies, which can deliver the highest electrical efficiency and displacement within the smallest footprint. When you consider that they can also be available in the fastest cycle times, they’re the most competitive answer to your needs.

Power Zone is offering Guascor Energy Gas Generators ranging from 300kW to 2mW.

Guascor Energy



Generator Efficiency97.2%97.3%96.8%
Electric Power1011 kW1337 kW1307 kW
Jacket (HT) Water Heat596 kW716 kW717 kW
Intercooler (LT) Water Heat58 kW106 kW83 kW
Exhaust Heat – Cooled to 120C466 kW598 kW734 kW
Engine Radiation Heat66 kW88 kW84 kW
Generator Radiation Heat29 kW35 kW
Fuel Consumption2380 kW3078 kW3168 kW
Mechanical Efficiency43.7%44.6%42.6%
Electric Efficiency42.5%43.4%41.3%
Thermal Efficieny47.1%46.1%48.4%
Total Efficiency89.5%89.5%89.7%