About the company

Power Zone Engineering & Services has an ever increasing network of providing highly efficient energy solutions at extremely affordable prices. We assure you that our company is the right place to buy reliable and low price generators in Pakistan. With the company’s expertise in the energy business, our skills are unmatched and unparalleled to our competitors. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Diesel Powered Generator Sets 
  • Micro Turbine Generator Sets (Telecom)
  • Imported Elevators (Commercial & Residential)
  • Used Medical Machinery (MRIs, CT Scan etc). 

PowerZone is proud to be the sole distributors of FPT (Italy), Bladon Micro Turbines (UK), and Asir Elevators (Turkey), in Pakistan. We ensure that highly skilled and experienced engineers monitor our coupling process to meet the international standards of diesel generators production, hence promising the customers state of the art products & to fulfil their power backup needs at any level. Power Zone has always focused on maintaining its quality standards as customer satisfaction is our top priority. And to retain their trust, the services team responds to any complaint or query lodged very promptly. To develop a healthy relationship with our customers, we provide doorstep services via our service vans.