Power Zone Engineering & Services was founded in 2003 with a mission of providing complete backup energy solutions at affordable cost. At Power Zone Engineering & Services, our team includes some of the finest professionals in the power solutions business. Our goal is not only to maintain and sustain relationships with them but also to keep them constantly challenged. Power Zone always depends on its quality products to gain customer satisfaction and increase its market share rapidly.

Our product portfolio ranges from Diesel Powered Generator Sets to Micro Turbine Generator Sets, and from Imported Elevators (Commercial & Residential) to Used Medical Machinery (MRIs, CT Scan etc.) Apart from that, we are proud to be the sole distributors of FPT (Italy), Siemens Energy, Bladon Micro Turbines (UK), and ASIR Elevators (Turkey) in Pakistan.

About Us | Diesel Powered Generator in Pakistan | Power Zone

For the first time in Pakistan, we ensure that highly skilled and experienced engineers monitor our coupling process to meet the international standards of power generator production in order to give our valued customers state-of-the-art products & to fulfill their needs in energy at any level.

Power Zone has always focused on maintaining its quality standards. To gain our customers repeated trust service, we respond to any complaint or query lodged by our valued customers. Power Zone stimulates with fully equipped and perspective technology to meet international standards of after-sales services as well. To develop healthy relationships with our customers, we provide doorstep services via our service vans.

Power Zone has an ever-increasing network of providing highly efficient energy solutions at extremely affordable prices to match any need/request. With our expertise in the energy business, our skills are unmatched and unparalleled to any!


  • Performance.
  • Excellent transient load response.
  • Respect for the Environment.
  • Compliance with the most stringent emissions legislation.
  • Low noise levels.
  • Running Costs Reduction
  • Low oil and fuel consumption.
  • Flexibility
  • Availability of a wide range of options to create tailor-made products.
  • Our products have functional layouts, hi-tech contents, and carefully selected, top-quality components.
  • After Sales services